The Spice Girls – On a Granada Plaza

One of the Spice Girls - on a Granada Plaza

One of the Spice Girls - on a Granada Plaza

The Spice Girls, on a Granada Plaza on the side of the  Great Cathedral, put on quite a show.  They are not dressed in skimpy outfits, nor do they belt out rock songs.  These two women sell an array of tempting teas and spices that do sing.

Baskets are lined up on long tables.  Scents of bright curries of marigold colors, dark red paprikas, and silvery green sages fill the baskets.  The heritage of Moorish cooking is seen here with saffron, cumin, and coriander.   

There are dozens of unusual teas:  chocolate with mint, Pakistani, red hibicus tea, and a Granada blend.  The Spice Girls offer great, light weight gifts to take home.  This visual and taste treat is one act to catch on your visit to Granada.  For more good shopping in Granada, click here.

Negu, The Blogdog in Granada

Negu, The Blogdog:
“Sweetheart, I do love your cumin.  However, I had something a little bit stronger in mind.    What do you have for, you know, those late nights in the clubs?”



Where: In the center of Granada near Gran Via de Colon and Calle Reyes Catolicos

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