The White Plastic Chair Theory – Granada Restaurants

White Plastic Chair Theory, Granada Restaurants

By Nancy Todd

The big eating Scoop on Granada restaurants is that free tapas, little snacks, are served with each drink.  They vary with fried shrimp, mushrooms in olive oil,  to ham, bread and cheese, etc.  You can snarf your way through the city, drink, eat for free and never buy dinner. How to choose a restaurant?  The Scoopometer read is that a restaurant with no plastic chairs, the more substantial the tapas. Here are four cool neighborhoods to check out.  Warning:  watch out for those plastic chairs: Scoopometer 0.

1.  Navas Street  – Located in the center of the city, Navas Street is  lined with restaurants all with outdoor seating.  There are many tourists and some locals munching away here.  How to choose when confronted with a zillion  Granada restaurants bunched all together?  Regina and I, experts, big eaters in Spain, have the quick Scoop for you when  faced with multiple restaurants all at once.   We call it the White Plastic Chair Theory.

Realejo Neighborhood


Numero l.   We will never put our big toe in a restaurant with white plastic chairs.  Never.

Numero 2.  We will especially never put our big toe in a restaurant with red plastic chairs that say Coca-Cola.

We read the menu posted on the outside, love the wicker chair look, and settle in for great people watching and delicious food.  Hang out till the late hours on bustling Navas Street.

Fellow looking at clientele - Granada Restaurants Navas Street

Fellow looking at clientele - Granada Restaurants Navas Street

2.  Realejo Neighborhood – A real neighborhood that few tourists know about and a pleasant walk from the center.  Along the Campo Principe Plaza, is a string of colorful restaurants, all with outdoor seating–of course, it’s Spain.  Not much starts shakin’ till ten o’clock.  I sipped my tinto de verano ( a red wine sprizer with fruit) and watched dusk descend.  Lanterns were lit, chatter crescendoed, colorful facades of ochre and blue faded into the night at Altramuces Restaurant  founded in 1946.  My wine and tapas was 1.80 euros.  Cornish game hen was excellent. 

3.  Albaicin Neighborhood – An old Moor neighborhood with dozens of skinny meandering stairways, golden hues from old fixtures lighting the way at night, and many restaurants.  You will have your pick of all price ranges.   Mirador de Morayma Restaurant (C/Pianista G Carrillo, 2) has a serene garden restaurant with stunning views of the Alhambra, especially beautiful at night.  Not a white plastic chair in sight.  President Clinton dined here and the place is famous.  My friend Pamela, who lives in Granada,  knew the way up the mountain side through the maze of  back lanes.  I have no idea how we walked there or back. Skinny lanes were made for donkeys.  An American hog car will have it’s mirrors sheared to jagged nubs.  The lamb was delicious.

4.  Plaza Bib Rambla – If you can eat your way around this large, tree shaded plaza, you will need a bib.  A string of restaurants with umbrellaed tables await your perusal.   The White Plastic Chair Theory applies.  Inside the  pedestrian only Plaza, is a grand fountain, holy figures, and rose bushes.  A quiet bustle here.  No one would want to hurry in these Granada Restaurants.  Yeah, it’s touristy, but the Plaza a beauty  and worth wine and tapas.  My Scoop on the best restaurant on the plaza is Shine Restaurant (Plaza Bib Rambla, 22). And shine it does with contemporary decor that rests the eye after the visual busyiness of Granada. The tapa I ordered was sea urchin mousse with a flower salad served in a half of a spikey sea urchin shell.  Red and yellow petals sprinkled about.  Yum.  Great wine list.

Let us know great restaurants you have found in Granada!

8 Responses

  1. MarkG says:

    So…what is the evidence behind your White Plastic Chair theory? I tried to activate your link to ‘Check out Regina’s post on tapas’ to find clues but was requested to sign in to WordPress.

    Do white plastic chairs = no free tapas?

    Granada seems to be quite an exception these days. Tapas was usually complimentary for a drinking customer. But I guess free-loading bloggers will end this!

  2. admin says:

    The evidence on The White Plastic Chair Theory is years of empirical data gathered while drinking wine in Spain. Regina’s post now fixed, thanks for the update. Yes, you can get free tapas with white plastic chairs, usually three potato chips. What did you like about Granada?

  3. azahar says:

    This all sounds very silly…

  4. admin says:

    What’s wrong with silly? 😉

  5. Mike says:

    I walked through Plaza Bib Rambla everyday when I was studying in Granada. It was always a great start, middle, or end to my day. There was something about that plaza that just connected with me. I never ended up eating at any of the restaurants there, but when I return next time I will be sure to check out Shine Restaurant.

  6. Josh says:

    An interesting theory, and mostly correct! There are one or two lovely, traditional tapas bars bedecked with plastic chairs up in Plaza Larga. Though if you take away Plaza Larga then they’re probably nothing to write home about… Those places you mentioned are great, especially Morayma – one of my first experiences of Granada gastronomy!

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