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By Nancy Todd                                    Comments by:  Negu, The Blogdog

Celebrating Autumn centers around castanas or chestnuts and panellets marizapan cookies topped with pine nuts.  Smokey, roasting smells of chestnuts and sweet potatoes waft from small steel barrels of hot charcoal stirred by  the street vendors.


These are old Spain images one finds on country roadsides, and cities like Madrid, Granada, Seville, and Barcelona.  Vendors set up under small tents or in wooden huts.  They are on the backroads and city streets.  These hearty folks are dwindling in number.  The roasters I see are older people that maintain the tradition. 


Common Spain Images

Hot castanas are scooped into newspaper cones with an old black ladle.  Chestnuts make a tasty treat as I come from my yoga class. However, peeling back the dark brown shell is not good for the manicure.  Spanish families celebrate with a party, the Castanyda, on November first.  These Autumn foods celebrate the harvest and honor the dead.   Castanas and chorizo soup anyone?  At least that won’t ruin the manicure. 


The Blogdog


Negu, The Blogdog comments:  “Chestnuts?  No thank you, Darling.  I am a Scoopette.  I do not want those things stuck in MY teeth.  Not sexy.”


Where have you seen chestnuts roasting in your country?  Please let us know in the comments box below.





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    I love all best foods.

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