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By Nancy Todd                               Comments by:  Negu, The Blogdog

‘Sex In The City’  in the city of Seville is not like New York. It is about the passion of the dance of Flamenco.  Life long training develops a dancers strength, timing, sensuousness, and magic.  Many of the dancers are older, as in over 40.   Is that older?  The men are very, very sexy, no matter the age.  Attitude.  Precision. Passion.  This video shows one of the world’s most famous flamenco dancers, Joaquín Cortés. He is off the charts on The Scoopometer. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

There is a beat to flamenco that is not in my body.  I don’t get it and I can’t explain it.   Dancers are accompanied by a guitar, percussion, and often people sitting in chairs clapping this intricate beat. The best places to see flamenco is in Seville and Granada, or in the South of Spain in general. Not so much in Barcelona.

In Seville, the Flamenco Museum is a mix of memorabilia and music.  A collection of photographs by Colita, represents forty years of her work. One Christmas when I was in Seville, ten teenagers were singing and clapping in front of a large department store.  The young women were in front, the men in back playing guitar and clapping.  It wasn’t rap or rock and roll, but old flamenco music.  They weren’t playing for money but for their love of history – of Sevillian music.

The Museum Gift Store has books, DVD’s, and magazines, of course, all related to flamenco.  Ruffly dance wear, red, pink and patterned dance shoes, and jewelry like long dangly earrings can be bought for souvenirs.  Anyone who watches these dances are mesmerized with the passion of the dance.

Negu, The Blogdog

The Blogdog

Comments by Negu, The Blogdog:  “I have bought a new pair of red, mind you red, Darling, flamenco high heels.  They have black polka dots and I will drive the men wild.”

Where: Calle Manuel Rojas

Price: 10 Euros                             

What museums do you like in Seville?


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  1. Rod Younger says:

    And check out our selection of over 70 books in english about Flamenco!

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