Get Ready to Weep – Flamenco Festival in Jerez 2012

Flamenco in Spain, 2010

Flamenco in Spain, 2010

By Regina Winkle-Bryan

It is the same every time. Friends arrive to visit me in Barcelona and I ask them what they’d like to see. ‘We’d love to check out some flamenco!,‘ they reply, and I shake my head a slow ‘No’ in response, watching them look crestfallen. Barcelona is about a lot of things – flamenco is not one of them.

The scoop on good flamenco is:  go south, or at least get out of Catalunya. There are fabulous flamenco fests all over Spain all year long. For a complete list of some of the best flamenco festivals of 2012, check with, which lists shows by region.

Next month in Jerez, a city in the south of Spain, the Festival de Jerez will bring together some talented guitarists, dancers and singers. The festival goes from late Feb to mid March, and tickets to these popular shows range from 17 to 30 Euros. If you are in the south of Spain during this festival, you will not want to miss this opportunity to see some truly passionate music. Ole!


Festival de Jerez

Feb 24 – March 10 2012


Web on Flamenco in general:


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