Finding Inspiration On Lanzarote Island

Lauren Linzer on Lanzarote Island


Not only for partying, Lanzarote Island also nurtures the muse. You can be in the midst of touristville or seek tranquility. Lauren Linzer finds inspiration and solace on this extraordinary island. 

By Lauren Linzer

The island of Lanzarote, part of the Canary Island chain off the coast of Africa, is a gem of the Atlantic, a place of great wonder, beauty, and inspiration, from the volcanic landscape to the eccentric outsiders that flock to its energy. Many, like me, are initially drawn in by the lure of a tiny island with good weather, pretty beaches, and outdoor excursions. But shortly after arriving it is clear that this is not your typical tropical vacation.

The landscape is one of a different planet, with the Mars-like skyline consisting of craters, erupted volcanoes, and hills of hardened lava. The sides of the ridges are coated with layers of cooled magma, creating a glow of reds, oranges, and browns streaking down the sides and taking on different appearances, depending on the sun’s influence.

The village of Punta Mujeres on Lanzarote Island.

The massive peaks that once acted as lids to the volcanoes have exploded, leaving hollowed craters of crumbled rock with caves and deep scars engraved throughout the surface. The ground below is covered with lava flow that goes on for miles, small villages carved out among it, with single plots leveled out to farm the fertile land.

A painting Lauren made on Lanzarote Island.

The beaches that surround the island are another thing of amazement. Even the eastern, more populated portion of the island, that is littered with tourists and accommodating shops, bars, and hotels, has the same breathtaking shorelines as the less touched, more local western side of the island.

Beaches of Lanzarote

In the south, attracting locals and experienced vacationers, are the five hidden white sand beaches of Papagayo, only accessible by bumpy dirt roads. In the northern town of Orzola you can find lagoons of shallow clear water, placid and expansive, for a different type of relaxing day at the beach. Fishing villages like Punta Mujeres or La Santa quietly boast the islands beauty with their black rock shorelines greeting rolling aqua blue water.

Jamming outside a bakery in the village of Famara.

Rapidly becoming my favorite place to be on the island is the small village of Famara on the western shore. This surfer’s paradise is often the inspiration for great artistic conceptions due to the towering cliffs that frame the shoreline and the neighboring island of La Graciosa that is in clear view.

Among these inspired individuals is the island’s most influential artist, Cesar Manrique, responsible for the uniform white stucco homes with signature green, blue, or brown doors and window frames among other unique artistic charms that add to Lanzarote’s aesthetic appeal. The imprint of his influence can be felt throughout the island as his value to harmonize nature’s beauty into his artwork strongly contributes to the preservation of the landscape today.

While it is true that there are foreign neighborhoods spawning off of the many German and English that flock here for the sun, and the herds of tourists that arrive merely to lie on the beach and play in their resorts, the island also has a growing population of people from around the world that stay here to embrace the undeniable energy that this island radiates. From painters and musicians to doctors and healers, there seems to be an underlying appreciation for the tranquil vibes that are likewise so alive with vigor. Simply being here seems to have its own heeling power, alleviating day to day stresses and clearing a path for creative thinking and inner contentment.

It’s still difficult for me to place what exactly it is about sitting on a piece of volcanic land floating out in the Atlantic that feeds the soul like no other place I have visited has, but there is no doubt that the sensation is universally felt. Whether I am experiencing this Canary Island among the singing, happy locals at a village cafe, alone in the countryside watching the midday sun shining down on the rolling hills, or curled up on the beach on a crisp evening, gazing up at the dome of brilliant twinkling stars while sharing inspired revelations with another ex-patriot, it is clear to me that Lanzarote is special.

Lauren Linzer, from Raleigh, North Carolina, gave up the day to day grind of corporate sales to embrace life in Spain as an English teacher and travel writer in Madrid. Read more about her experiences at:

4 Responses

  1. carole linzer says:

    I love this island of Lanzarote. The beauty of this island is amazing. The beautiful blues of the water against the volcanoes and blue skys. I never thought an island with not much green can be so beautiful. I see why this is one of your favorite places to be. Thanks for sharing this with everyone Lauren. Hopefully, there will be people that can find enjoyment on this island like you did. mom :-)

  2. admin says:

    Carole, I am so drawn to Lanzarote after learning so much about it through Lauren. It’s one place this Scoopette has not been to yet!


  3. Sjak says:

    Great reading your blog, and exciting to talk to you! I can’t wait to be drawn into the magic of Lanzarote andhHope to meet you there

    “Do nothing and everything will fall into place”

    Tao Te Ching

    happy trails from Sjak

  4. Lauren says:

    Thank you Sjak! I hope to meet you here in Tao one day :)

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