The Scoop: Events In Spain, October, 2012

Events in Spain, the Giant People

By Nancy Todd                                 Comments by:  The Blog Dog

Spain celebrates life - from tomatoes, trout, and transvestites, to patron saints, pork and port.   Put on your party clothes and boogie with your Scoopettes in Spain.  There is so much happening in Spain, the only difficult part (in addition to banking) is deciding where to celebrate.  Here is The Scoop for events in Spain for October.

1.  Fires de Sant Narcis – October 23 – November 1. Sant Narcis is the city of Girona’s patron saint of ‘flies.’  I don’t know if that means ‘insectos’ or a zipper on a guy’s pants.  The Scoopettes have written that the Spanish will find anything for an excuse to party.  Music, plus  a parade of the gegant (giant) people (my personal favorite in the dating department – I have thought of marrying a gegant).   Markets of local sausages, honey, and fruit on a stick dipped in chocolate.  Chocolate and the giant people?  What a combo. I will be there.

2.  Sitges International Film Festival -  October 4 – 14. Want an escape from busy Barcelona and be scared out of your theatre seat?  Hop on a train down the Mediterranean coast and 35 minutes later you can indulge your film fancies in Sitges, an old fishing village – now internationally known as ’party village’.   The Festival is 44 years old and specializes in sci-fi, horror, and fantasy movies.  For an intermission?  Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and working on your tan.

Huge beaches in the village of Sitges.

3.  Feria de San Lucas – In Jaén, October 12 – 21. These wild days in Jaén date back to the 15th century. Music, comedy, dance, theatre on the street and inside.  Stalls and markets abound.  A great time to hang out in Jaén.  And, of course to eat and drink.  For more info:


4.  Mostra de Valencia Cinema – October 19 -26. Valencia has a long history in film.  The purpose of this festival is to create a cultural bridge between the Valencian film industry and the people of the Mediterranean region.  The democratic party knows we need more cross cultural understanding.

5.  Video and Digital Arts International Festival Festival Competition, in the city of Girona.  October 4 – 11.    International call for videos, digital works, video installations, etc.  Now in its tenth year, the bizarre and creative shake up this old city.

6.  Tennis Open, Valenica.  October 20-28.  I can’t think of anything more boring than being in a hushed crowed and watching a lobbed yellow ball.  However, a lot of people put on their whites and head to Valencia, billed as one of the top ten cities to see in Spain.  Me?  I would head to the National Ceramics Museum just down the street.

The Scoop is to book with when looking for the perfect place to lay your head in Barcelona and other Spanish cities.

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The Blogdog

Negu, The Blogdog:  “Those fiestas.  So many good smells.  And the dogs.  OMG there are so many dogs out on the streets.    Dah-ling, I do love a good fiesta.”



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  1. Posted October 4, 2012 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

    I just wrote a post on my blog about how I’ve been dreaming of visiting Spain lately. It’s wonderful to hear so many events are taking place in October. I’d most like to check out Fires de Sant Narcis.

  2. admin
    Posted October 5, 2012 at 4:32 am | Permalink

    Let us know when you get to Spain. Every month we publish about events in Spain. Hope you make it here soon!

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