Eating With Angels at a Hooters? – Seville Restaurants

By Nancy Todd

Craving my morning coffee while visiting Seville, I dashed into a bakery and was greeted by a five foot high, ceramic tile design of a woman with bare boobs.  Was I in a Hooter’s?  Was I on vacation in Southern Spain which is more Catholic and conservative than Northern Spain?  I don’t understand why this Hooter’s babe was hanging out at this busy bakery. Fortunately, blurry eyed and waiting for my coffee, I saw I was surrounded by angels.  Angels?  Maybe I am not in one of those despicable Hooter’s Restuarants from the United States.   Hundreds of angels were busying themselves on a bas relief frieze that ran the perimeter of two rooms at La Campana Confiteria.


While enjoying my coffee and chocolate cake, the angels entertained me.  Many were dancing with garlands flipped over their shoulders like scarves.  Blowing horns was a pastime for these angels as well as riding in a cart pulled by a pig.  I started my morning with a smile.

La Campana Confiteria was established in 1885 and their old, dark wooden cases offer a variety of food.  Roast beef, pork and turkey, sandwiches, and an array of colorful pastries.  There are no chairs.

WHERE:  Velazquez Street, La Campana Plaza

HOURS:  8 am – 9 pm

4 Responses

  1. Prem says:

    Great story!
    Please feel free to spark up any discussion based on Spain at our website:

  2. Amy Jo Newell says:

    It’s at the beginning of Sierpes Street. Looking for it in Velázquez might take you out of your way. :)

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the correction!

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