‘Eat, Pray,Love’ In Spain

By Nancy Todd                                     Comments:  Negu, The Blogdog

None of us own  uncellulited legs, perfect teeth, or the redundant laugh of Julia Roberts.  However, a very cool group of women friends and I,  including Negu, the Blogdog, all with more realistic attributes, went to see what the movie hype of  ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ was  about.   This star-studded cast of friends are biased as we have been living the ex-pat adventure not as tourists, but as real people dealing with banks, bilingual relationships, and blazing our own spiritual paths in Barcelona.  Here are our stats:

Your ScoopettesRegina: Oregon, Costa Rica, Guatemala guru, Spain, and Spanish fluent. Writer extrordinare.   

Nancy:  Maryland,  Michigan, Massachusetts, North Carolina biker, Spain.  Still trying to learn Spanish.   Skilled saying “sangria.”  Writer extrordinare.

Negu, The Blogdog: 100% Spanish.   Knowledgable about Jaiver Bardem,  reknown movie critic, keeps nose to ground for lastest Scoop.  One blue eye, one hazel.  Oh, she drives the men dogs wild.  Doesn’t care about Julia Roberts.  Thinks Regina is a star.

Dana: California Catholic woman, Guatemala jungle nurse, now Spain. Never-miss-a-Spain-fiesta -lover.

Terry: Presently visiting.  Chicago, Central, South Carolina. Israli folk dance instructor. Loves chocolate, travel.

in spain

'Eat, Pray, Love' in Spain: Nancy, Regina, Dana

Celia: Creole gumbo heritage, California, Sweden, Belgium, high heeled, sexy Barcelona woman readying to travel six months solo.

Diana:  Virginia, North Carolina,  Germany, Spain with ever lovin’ dog Charlie and handsome husband Nader. Radio host, tv commentator.  Salsa dancer.  Always traveling.

These women comprise the official Scoopometer comments on ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in Spain.

“Great scenery.   Liked the spiritual quest.  Did she have to whine about her divorce so much in the book?”    “It was getting long until Javier came on the scene.”    “Everyone has their own path.  Good spiritual messages.”    “Who chose that music?”     “I’d be very happy to have the moolah to travel for a year and write a book.  Someone pays the bills?  I will leave tomorrow!”  “The scenes in Rome,etc. makes me want to travel more.”   “Hollywood fluff.”   “Who would think twice about going to a tropical island with Javier?”  “I wouldn’t see the movie twice.”  Best line by Javier:  “….when an orange makes love to a plum.” “I will call it:  Eat and Love.”

in spain

The Famous Blogdog

Negu, The Blogdog, Movie Critic:

“Javier, dah-ling, did you get your eyes done?  You must send me the name of your plastic surgeon.  I’d like to check out your plum.  There wasn’t one dog in the film.  Blatant discrimination.”

5 Responses

  1. Dana Tucker says:

    Love Negu!!! Great comments on the film too! maybe you could point out that Dana is a EX catholic! Keep on Scoopin- I’m reading!!

  2. Judith says:

    You were all drinking copious amounts of wine when you wrote this and I am extremely jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven’t seen the movie or read the book. Hey, my friend in Bali gave Julia and child(ren) art lessons while they were there. That’s as close as I got to the tale.
    Judith of North Carolina, Costa Rica, Zambia, China, Malaysia, Germany

  3. admin says:

    That says a lot! Thanks for your comment!


  4. admin says:

    I thought the same. Dana is an EX Catholic people! Negu also loves you.

    Thanks for commenting.

    R & N

  5. admin says:

    Judith, please comment on The Scoop when you see the movie. I beg your pardon, who drinks copious amounts of wine? Just wait til you visit! Nancy

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