Like Old Books? Cuestas de Moyano Bookstalls In Madrid

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Buy old books from these guys in Madrid

By Nancy Todd

Meandering Madrid, I stumbled upon a unique Madrid attraction: a lineup of  gray, wooden little houses. Victorian in design, they are fronted with gingerbread columns. I arrived about 8:00 a.m. on a drizzly Sunday morning as vendors were chatting with one another, cranking their squeaky, yellow awnings, and drinking coffee.

Fifteen stands, holding tiers of old books, mainly in Spanish, have been proudly touting their wares for decades. Some sellers told me the stalls had been there for a hundred years.

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Not a Kindle. Find old books here in Madrid.

The Cuestas de Moyano bookstalls line the softly sloping Calle de Claudio Moyano, a walkway that skirts Retiro Park. The bookstalls are located on the side of the park by Atocha Station off of Paseo del Prado, one of the most beautiful streets in Madrid.  Coffee in hand, a cool, calm morning, in the shadow of Retiro Park and amongst thousands of books, it was a perfect way to start my day.

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  1. Is J&J’s (English language) bookshop/café/bar in Calle Espiritu Santu still trading? Have you been there?

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