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Scoop readers use our online guide as a source for useful travel information. Readers have been known to purchase tours, visit recommended travel websites and create travel itineraries based on recommendations published on our website.

Ways to work with The Spain Scoop include:

Contests and giveaways for your product, as long as it is Spain or Travel related

Press Trips, Partnerships and Campaigns: The Spain Scoop is open to opportunities. How can your destination and our savvy writers collaborate? Bloggers are changing the way people think about travel and do their pre-visit research, and The Spain Scoop exists to make a jaunt (or move) to Spain memorable.

Expat blogs in Spain

Want a few examples?

Scoop experts often participate in FAM and press trips, working with specific tourism destinations in Spain to promote events or tourism campaigns. Learn more about specific partnerships following the links below.

Press trip with Spain’s Paradores Hotels and Turismo de Asturias. Scoop expert Linda Wainwright visited Asturias in 2013 and wrote the following about her experiences there.

Asturias Buzzards Welcome You To Spains Largest Park

Water Tells A Story Of Asturias

On The Cheese Making Trail In Asturias

Scoop expert Cat Gaa participated in the annual blogtrip #Calpemocion sponsored by the Tourism Board of Calpe in 2013. She wrote the following post on her experience.

Calpe: A Resort Town With Character On The Costa Blanca

The original Scoopettes, Nancy Todd and Regina Winkle-Bryan, have participated in many sponsored stays in fine hotels throughout Spain in addition to featured restaurant reviews. Here are a few:

Partner: Elba Hotels – Photo Scoop (18): Island Time On Fuerteventura, The Canary Islands

Partner: Elba Hotels – Is Fuerteventura Iceland’s Twin? Travel On The Canary Islands

Partner: Torre Laurentti – Stay: B&B Torre Laurentii – Go Here for Romance!

Partner: Cabanes als Arbres – Stay: First Tree-House Hotel in Spain!

Other campaigns:

Partner: Papa Serra Tours – Julie Sheridan of Guiri Girl was a Scoop contributor. During her time collaborating with The Spain Scoop, she participated in a sponsored culinary tour in Barcelona. It was featured here: Culinary Adventures in Barcelona – a Saturday with Joel from Papa Serra

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Media Kit available upon request.

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