Give Good Luck For The Holidays In Spain

Skip the tree and buy some mistletoe instead.

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By Nancy Todd

Mistletoe madness lasts way into January with people in Spain. There are over four hundred species of mistletoe. This parasitic plant is grown on a wide range of trees with soft bark: apple, poplar, pine, etc. Only the female mistletoe bears the white berries. October and November are the prime months for gathering.  Research is underway for this plant possibly being a cure for cancer.

christmas traditions in spain

Look at all that mistletoe hanging at the annual Christmas market

Want to wish people “good luck” for the coming year? Give them a bunch of mistletoe and don’t expect a kiss. As a typical gift, people in Spain hang mistletoe on a wall or lay it on a table. Ok, I will go with the good luck part of the magical plant. However, my preference is to be kissed under mistletoe. Now to find the right man for the kiss….

Outdoor Christmas markets, flower shops, in Granada, Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, and other cities, are selling this lovely, intertwined plant.  It is neatly tied in a small bunch with a ribbon.  Many leave the little bunch out for months.  In many countries, the Christmas plant symbolizes harmony. Good luck is good.  Kisses are better.

Happy Holidays!

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