To The Lottery Gods: My Promise To You

Is one a winner? El Gordo in Spain.

Is one a winner? El Gordo in Spain.

By Regina Winkle-Bryan, (soon-to-be-lotto winner)

So, today the lottery winners of the 2011 ‘El Gordo’ will be announced. Each year people all over Spain participate in ‘El Gordo’, or ‘The Big One’, a national lottery just in time for Christmas. People play because people really win this pot, and they win big. Everyone has a cousin or friend of a friend who won something in ‘El Gordo’.

Of course A and I are playing the lotto. I bought one ticket, and mind you, they are not cheap at 20.00 euro bucks a pop! While I laid down 20.00 euros only, A has been ‘sharing’ tickets with all sorts of people. This means he puts in 10.00 euros and his sister puts in the other 10.00 euros, or whoever. We have about 7 lotto tickets total, and while not all of them are ‘El Gordo’ all of them will be rendered valuable or useless today.

The question is: What would you do with 120,000 euros? How about 500,000 euros ? Three million? Would it ruin you? Would you quit your job? Would life lose its meaning? I can tell you that these points would not be an issue for me, oh Lotto God, and that furthermore, I would give some of my winnings to the needy, whether that be to Camino Seguro in Guatemala, my favorite do-gooders, or to one of the many families in Spain who have lost their homes this month. Yes, let this post serve as testimony that if I strike lotto gold, I will give and I will also work hard! I could do a lot with 120,000. Mostly, I could buy time and that’s the most attractive ‘item’ in my world these days. Time to think, time to write, time to read about the history of Spain, time to edit photographs and work on amateur documentaries. Oh yes, I could fill my days with endless interests and hobbies if work did not get in the way!

But wait Lotto God, do not think for a minute that I would be lazy, and give up work if I won the booty. No sir! I’m the original workaholic thanks to my Virgo moon and deep-rooted restlessness. If I had the money, I’d work just as hard, but not necessarily in the same areas. Not to worry dear readers, The Spain Scoop would not be cut from my schedule if I were a millionaire.

And while I am an expert daydreamer and can imagine plenty of ways to spend my ‘El Gordo’ money, the fact is that I am lucky as is and that there are many others in this country who need ‘El Gordo’ more than I do. Remember the 20% unemployment? Remember the 600 evictions in Barcelona a month? Whoever gets the booty I hope they remember to give something to those less fortunate, and that money cannot buy happiness, though it can buy time to sit by the Mediterranean with an unfinished copy of Robert Hughes’ ‘Barcelona’ and a ‘cafe con leche’.

Post update: I didn’t win the lotto, but we still had a nice Christmas.


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  1. Kirsten Carpentier
    Posted December 23, 2011 at 1:17 am | Permalink

    Sadly, I read today that you and A weren’t the winners of El Gordo…some small town won the money. Which probably was really helpful for their economy in this tough time. Maybe next year for you!

  2. admin
    Posted December 27, 2011 at 10:37 am | Permalink

    I know, but we’re planning to play the next lotto for Reyes, El Nino, so there’s still hope!

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