Barcelona Gifts by Catherine Hart

Art Nouveau Tile, Barcelona

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By Nancy Todd

While searching for cat food in a fancy department store in Barcelona, Catherine Hart walked out with a new camera.  Since 1994, she has been passionately photographing Barcelona and other cities in Europe.  I met Catherine through the Barcelona Women’s Network and am continuously amazed at her productivity.

Catherine Hart

As a kid, she loved being creative with chemistry, music, and the old time favorite of bending pipe cleaners into fantasy shapes.  As the photographs piled up by the thousands, Catherine’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and she now has a thriving business, Streets of Barcelona.  Her art work can be purchased on line and in stores in Barcelona.

Barcelona Window

Segovia, Aqueduct

With her keen eye for details, Catherine has snared photos of elaborate doorways, colorful tiles, windows, obscure passageways, graffiti and more. Her images can be found on note cards, notebooks, greeting cards, etc.  She does custom work for corporations, parties, and individuals.  Good thing she remembered the cat food.

 See Catherine’s website here:

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  1. Melissa Todd says:

    Wow, what beautiful photography. Love the focus on details. Goodness knows that Barcelona has so, so many amazing details to catch!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Melissa. Glad you liked the pic. Nancy

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