Music in Catalan and Spanish for Your iPod: Scoop Approved

Music in Spanish and Catalan

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By Regina Winkle-Bryan

I am a fan of la musica. I like all sorts of music, from rock to country, to flamenco to fado. The only music I am not keen on is death metal and house….but I’d listen to almost anything once. One of the top ways to practice a language is to do so without really trying. Osmosis. This is how I have learned about wine, and it is also how I (sometimes) practice Catalan and Spanish. I put an album and immediately I want to know what is being said, or sung. Then I end up reading the booklet that comes with the CD, and hence, vocabulary learning takes place. Here are a few records to give a listen whether you speak the language or not. Some are Catalan and some are in Spanish, as marked below.

Here goes:

MARIA COMA (Catalan) -

I wanted to see some live music and Maria Coma was playing at L’Auditori. This is how I came to know about her. I did a cursory look over on Youtube and bought the tickets. She was awesome. She sings, she plays piano, she rocks.

See her musica here:

And here too!: DormintMil Orelles


I actually interviewed some of these guys a few years ago before they became rock stars. They totally deserve star status and are one of Spain’s most interesting groups. They are from Catalonia, BUT, they sing in Spanish.

Take a listen here: ‘Algunas Plantas’‘Miau’

La Gossa Sorda (Catalan) –

Fun band with a ska beat and some depth, too! I can thank my main-squeeze for introducing me to these guys.

A couple of their tracks: ‘Quina Calitja’ – ‘Ultima Volta

La Gossa Sorda – Quina Calitja from Sergi Miralles on Vimeo.

Los G5 (Spanish) –

They are not a group, but a grouping of some of Spain’s most talented big dogs. Los G5: Canijo & Diego (Los Delinqüentes), Jairo (Muchachito Bombo Infierno), Tomasito and Kiko. They came together to make an album, which has been played too many times to count at my house.

A couple I like: ‘Calla’‘El Vino y el Pescado’

Mala Rodríguez (Spanish) -

I don’t know much about her, but I dig quite a few of her songs, many of them are sort of ‘fuerte’ as they say here. ‘Nanai’ is one addressing violence towards women, for example.

Here are a couple of her more famous tracks: ‘Tengo Lo Que Tu Quieres’ and ‘Jura y Gana’.


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