Tips for Budget Travel in Spain – Save Some Euro Bucks!

Budget Travel Tips for Spain

Budget Travel Tips for Spain

By Regina Winkle-Bryan

With the economy the way it is these days, who doesn’t like to save a few Euros? Your Scoopettes have always been travel hackers, sometimes by choice, other times by necessity. Here are a few sites to check for saving big bucks in Spain.

We dig this site, and I use it all the time for movie, concert, and theater tickets. Seriously, about once a month or more I am printing off a voucher from Atrapalo. That’s the thing, you need to have access to a printer to have the voucher handy when you show up to whatever event you buy passes for. You also need a credit card. You might need some Spanish as well, I didn’t see an English option on the site.

This is where we rent cars for all our far-flung jaunts. We’ve tried them all and Sixt is the best bet for your Euro cash. You could shop around and maybe PepeCars will offer good deals, but I don’t rent with them because they nickel-and-dime.

OK, so Momondo is not a Spanish company, but this is where I look first for cheap flights. It covers all the Euro cheapos:, and

This is the site to check when planning your cheap Spanish holidays any time of year. They cover flights, hotels, cruises, train travel, bus travel and package tour travel. I like their transportation search option that searches flights but also trains and buses going to whatever destination you put it. Sometimes the train is a better deal.

Ok, to be fair I’ve written most of the Barcelona reviews for Clearly, I think this is a great site and I’ve used it a lot when traveling to other parts of Europe. They cover inexpensive hotels and hostals in Barcelona and other big cities in Spain. My fave of the listings in their Barcelona section is Fashion House.

What sites do you use when planning a trip within Spain?

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    I´m a local Spanish (from Seville) and a travel lover. I have a house in the country (20 min from the city of Seville by car) and I do what I like to do when I travel: take the most of it. So here, in Seville I teach Spanish, Sevillanas (flamenco dance) and traditional Spanish cooking and offer a private room in my house to stay for free as long as the course last.
    I think its a great way to know a place, the culture, the language…and also save some money ;) (1 week of Spanish course + room 350€)
    Take a look if you like at
    Your friend in Seville,
    Miryam T.

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