Photo Scoop: Romans Roamin’ On The Beach In Tarragona

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By Nancy Todd

David, my son-in-law said, “Tarragona is my favorite city in Spain.”  Melissa, my daughter, and David, visited me from Portland, Oregon.  I have wonderful memories of spending the day with them in Tarragona.   In this city, Romans frolicked in the Mediterranean Sea, fished, filled pottery vessels with olive oil and wine, and danced in the streets.  Gladiator battles were fought in the coliseum and bad-ass bartering happened in the markets.  Only one hour and 15 minutes from Barcelona by train, Tarragona is an overlooked city that is worth the jaunt.

Old door knockers are a photo op in Tarragona.  There is a medieval neighborhood and the art nouveau section of the city. This is a new door, circa 1880.


The Cathedral of Tarragona is a Roman Catholic church and worth a peek. Luckily, the timing was perfect as rainbow reflections from the stained glass windows hit the floor and David’s shoes.


Oh, just another Roman mosaic over 2,000 years old from the National Archaeological Museum.

Long tapered ends of pottery vessels created more efficient use of space when being transported in ships.  Iron stands were needed in homes as stands for the vessels.

My sweet Melissa was pregnant at the time.  We had a long lunch with a bottle of red on a plaza then meandered hours on skinny lanes.  Unfortunately, no wine for her so David and I had to compensate.  Tough part of the day.

David and Melissa own a construction company in Portland.  They marveled at the old doors and iron work.  I marveled at being with them and sharing my life in Spain.

A promenade, elevated from the sea, was a perfect place to walk on a cool day after lunch.  Beaches in Tarragona are not as crowded as they are in Barcelona.  Beaches, bars, or history.  Tarragona has it all. The only downside to Tarragona beaches is that there is a four lane road between the beach and the commercial part of the city.  The noise of the surf whirls over the sound of cars.

Have you been to Tarragona?

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