The Big Papa: The Pope Comes to Barcelona on Sunday!

By The Scoopettes, Regina Winkle Bryan and Nancy Todd

The Pope  (Papa in Spanish) arrives in Barcelona this Sunday, the 7th of November, 2010. This is a big deal. He will be speaking at La Sagrada Familia Church, so if you were planning to go anywhere near,  make sure you leave early.

Thousands of people will be bused in from all over Spain.  Why? Well, because there is not enough support in the Catalan capital city to provide a good turn out for the Big Papa.  We are saying our rosaries that we don’t get caught in a horrid traffic jam.

The Scoopette’s Catalan friends say that the hundreds of thousands of euros that will be spent on the Pope’s visit is a waste of money, especially during this recessionary period.

Our Scoop sources say that the ‘Pope-Mobile’ will be used for the  visit.  Billboards around Barcelona touting the visit are sponsored by the conservative Popular Party.  Polls indicate the Party to be behind for the upcoming elections.  Church and state continue to be in bed together in Spain as they are in the U.S.

Security will be strong because of confidential documents found by a Barcelona resident in the street with secret details about the Papal visit. reported:

A member of the public in Barcelona found confidential documents relating to the security surrounding the Pope’s visit to the city this weekend, strewn on the ground in one of the city streets on Tuesday night.

The 11-page dossier contained names and telephone numbers of those responsible for the Pope’s security, along with the names of the hotels the Papal entourage will be staying in.

The dossier contained a list of 21 names, with both mobile and personal telephone numbers, as well as e-mail addresses for some of the higher ranking officers in the security forces who met in Barcelona on October 7th to discuss security surrounding the Papal visit.

Woe Papa! Guess there will have to be some last minute changes in the Papal schedule! Who knows, Pope Benedict may have to shack up at a Red Roof Inn.

So tell us, what do you think of the Pope’s visit?!    Send us your comments in the comment box!

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